House Rules Club Rootz

In the regulations below you will find the house rules that apply in Club Rootz. You are obliged to adhere to these rules when visiting Club Rootz. Violation of any house rule can be reported immediately and without regard to persons to the police, while denial of access can also be given. Additional house rules can also be stated at the entrance.


1. Instructions indicated by the staff and/or Security must be followed at all times.


2. When you visit Club Rootz, you are obliged to use a drink. You may be refused entry to Club Rootz if you are tipsy or intoxicated. No alcoholic drinks are served to tipsy or intoxicated persons. After 02:00 a.m. it is not allowed to consume drinks outside.


3. Plastic glasses are always used during Club Nights. No plastic glasses may be taken outside after 2 a.m.

Personal Care & Clothing

4. You and your clothes should look neat.

Visiting & Bag Checking

5. At the entrance of Club Rootz, but also inside, there may be a possibility that you & your bag must be subject to an inspection by security or our staff. This check is in place to protect everyone in connection with general safety.

Unwanted intimacies

6. Are you being harassed? Let us know immediately. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

Noise level

7. More than 85 DB(a) of sound is produced in various rooms in our company. Our company accepts no liability whatsoever for any adverse effects that may occur to your hearing. Your stay in these rooms is therefore entirely at your own risk.


8. There are cameras in the building to ensure your and our safety. These video images can be shown to third parties in the event of theft, disturbances or accidents.


9. It is prohibited to take Club Rootz property outside the building and/or the terrace; this also includes leftover drinks. In the event of damage to our property, you are liable for the repair and/or renewal costs and/or any form of loss of turnover.

Found objects

10. Lost and found items must be handed in to staff or Security.


11. Consuming, using, trading or carrying any drugs is strictly prohibited. Club Rootz has a zero-tolerance drug policy. If this is observed and/or suspected, the police will be notified immediately.

Trade in goods

12. It is prohibited to trade goods in or around the company and/or to engage in fencing. If this is observed and/or suspected, the police will be notified immediately.


13. Using or carrying any weapons is strictly prohibited. If this is observed and/or suspected, the police will be notified immediately.

Fire Protection

14. In the event of a fire, everyone must leave the building in an orderly and calm manner on the instructions of the security & staff. In any case, do not panic in the event of a fire and warn us immediately.

First Aid Kit

15. A first aid kit is available at the company management and first aid can be provided.


16. If you have complaints of any kind, you can report them to our management. Complaints must always be reported immediately after the moment they arise, failing which your right to complain will lapse.